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Treetop moves to New Zealand

In early 2020 we moved to New Zealand. A huge thank you to all our lovely Australian customers, and more than a little regret that we won't be able to supply you at farmers markets or any of our outlets for the time being.

We left and things started to change drastically in Australia shortly after. The full impact of the Covid-19 virus hadn't hit, and we even wondered whether we should be wearing masks at the airports, which were strangely quiet.

Two weeks in to being in New Zealand, we are in lock down, which seems to be the safest place.

We wish everyone good health, to be kind and stay safe. A few things we have thought about are:

· Wash your hands

· Stop handshakes and hugs

· Continue to eat well, and ensure you get an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals, especially B and C vitamins.

· Stay well hydrated.

· Exercise, especially in the open air, and connect with nature.

· Get plenty of fresh air and sunlight.

· Fear creates stress that depresses your immune system, so be aware but don’t be overwhelmed by bad news.

· Be mindful of the older people in your life. Check in on them, but if you’re sick, keep your distance.

Good luck for the duration of the crisis.

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