• Andrew McKenna

People are too complicated to have simple labels

Our new labels are fun. Retro images, people doing weird or quirky things, some pictures that are just pleasing to the eye.

We’ve been advised we need to go clean and sleek, all white with black text, a Karl Lagerfield black jacket, something minimal and simple to read.

We don’t buy it. We don’t live in a zen minimalist house, so white you lose perspective and can mistake a housefly for a yak. We live in a place full of colour, with interesting and pleasurable colours and images.

If someone screaming down a hill on a bike, giving thumbs up in an aeroplane cockpit or checking their reflection in the rearview has nothing to do with cheese, so what. They’re fun pictures.

Some vegans can get po-faced and serious. "I’m saving the world."

If everybody in the world went vegan tomorrow and livestock numbers drastically reduced and we regrew the rainforests and refroze the tundra, we’d be on the right path. Spending a little money here or there won’t avert the climate crisis or the plastic in the oceans crisis: that will take deep structural change, a farewell to predatory capitalism, neoliberalism, perpetual conflict, etc.

In the meantime we don’t intend to beat anyone over the head with our messaging. (Oh, our labels are printed on paper and not stuck to the glass jar with industrial-strength adhesive requiring oxyacetylene equipment to remove them, and no animals were harmed in making the contents ... bees. Mmm. More about bees later.)

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