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I don't know a great deal about garlic, except maybe that it adds what the Japanese call 'umami'. That's the savoury taste that we probably don't have a great word for in English. It goes with sweet, sour, salt and bitter.

I do know garlic has been used medicinally for centuries, and these days some say it prevents many types of cancer. I suspect eating good organic food does, too.

Garlic adds a depth of flavour, a richness and a bit of bite to whatever you're cooking, and that's why I use it in my almond baked feta. And I'm lucky enough to have a bloke around the corner who knows a lot about garlic, and grows it locally, at Yapeen.

Darren Rose is behind Two Good Acres, and he manages to supply garlic virtually all year. It's been a bad spring and summer, but you can still catch him at Kyneton Market and Wesley Hill, selling his beautiful heads of aromatic organic garlic there.

Unfortunately the garlic we import, those huge bulbs from Mexico, Argentina and China, have all been doused in poisons such as methyl bromide. Whoever thought it was a good idea to spray our food with poison?

It's not necessarily what's in organic food that's good for you, it's what's not in it. Two Good Acres garlic has no methyl bromide, no bleach, it's not grown in sludge or chemicals, just good soil enriched by organic compost out at Yapeen, watered by rain and tap, toiled over for hours.

You can buy my almond feta and my macadamia nutcheeses now at Castlemaine Fresh in Mostyn Street, Green Goes the Grocer in Templeton Street (both in Castlemaine), and at Daylesford Healthfood and Organics. Click here for a list of local markets where you can buy Treetop Nutcheese.

And get yourself some of that garlic!

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