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Treetop Foods fermented cheeses are hand-made in New Zealand with macadamias, cashews and almonds cultured with probiotics. 

Try them on a cheese plate, in your favourite recipes, with wine, with beer, anytime!


Macadamia cheeses 
Deliciously creamy and soft white nutcheeses to spread on biscuits, enjoy with a good dry wine, before a meal or as a snack any time! They melt beautifully and are the perfect vegan cheese for pizzas ... cheese toasties are a dream!

Non-GMO. Full of healthy goodness, free of lactose, egg, gluten, soy and animal products.  


Garlic and chives

A classic flavour combination and a burst of tangy, heady delight. Macadamia cheeses melt beautifully on pizza and cheese toasties.


A zippy hit of chilli at the end of the palate and another ripper for cheese toasties and pizzas. Not too hot, but you can always add your own sprinkles of chilli if you need it. 

Lemon Myrtle and pepper

A mellow, subtle and deliciously fresh mouthful of lemon, from one of Australia's best-loved bush tucker herbs.  ... "We just finished a jar of the macadamia and Lemon Myrtle..... A jar in one sitting! Gone! It was too delicious!"
— Nicole Porter

Almond cheeses 

Almond parmesan

People's faces light up when they taste it, and it has a few special ingredients. Sprinkle it on your pasta, but customers have been getting creative and putting it on their baked potatoes, soup, cauliflower and even their poached eggs. 

Baked Almond & Macadamia Feta

Move over dairy feta! Our nut version is a full bodied nutcheese in oil, packed with flavour and a full-on cheesy 'mouthfeel'! Full bodied flavour, creamy on the palate, great with olives and crackers, or straight from the jar.


Non-GMO. Full of healthy goodness, free of lactose, egg, gluten, soy and animal products.

Fruit cheeses 

Macadamia and cranberry cheese, with a hint of tartness, sweetened by a touch of North Island honey.


Non-GMO. Full of healthy goodness, free of lactose, egg, gluten and soy. With a dash of honey.


We are located in Gisborne, New Zealand


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