We can't stop eating your beautiful cheeses especially the feta lol. It's just about all gone  so yummy.

Ra Te Rito Peters, (2021)

OK, I have only let four people try my Treetop Foods macadamia and chives vegan cheese. They all absolutely loved it. The flavour deepens. It really is one to be savoured. Delicious Andrew McKenna. They all agreed it was worth every penny and were talking about the different ways to have it.

— Elaine-Jack Clark (2021)


That's pretty special!

— Bec (2019)


They're just delicious!

 — Elaine (2019)

I think your cheese is great! It's made with real foods and doesn't have the long list of ingredients you wouldn't eat in a fit.

— Jill (2019)


We just finished a jar of the macadamia and lemon Myrtle..... A jar in one sitting! Gone! It was too delicious!
— Nicole Porter. (2019)


What a pleasure it was to meet Andrew at the Daylesford Farmers Market today...I love it when I try something new and not only does the flavour make my taste buds dance but the silky consistency of the texture and the beautiful energy I can feel it’s been made with, makes me want to spread the word about this beautiful plant-based cheese...bravo Andrew I can easily say your cheese is the BEST vegan cheese I have tasted, I look forward to stocking up again on Jan 27th!

— Melissa Togni (2018)

The cheese was delicious, we had it in a souvlaki and on a cheese board and everyone enjoyed it. Texture and taste are both very good compared to some of the plant-based cheeses on the market.

— Karen Kelly, Pud for All Seasons (2018)


The cheese was absolutely delicious and all four of us were very impressed so onto a winner there!

— Michel Musset, Michel's Fine Biscuit Co (2018)


That's just the best vegan cheese ever. Far out!

— Catherine Shields (2018)


Great texture and flavour, the best vegan cheese I've had. Just love it!!

— Glenn Russo (2018)